Since January 2021, I’ve conducted over 1,000 1:1 coaching sessions with people like you.

High performers who’ve had enough of mediocrity.

I usually meet people facing a range of problems. Career burnout and stress are common.

Maybe you’ve lost your purpose at work. And now’s time to take back control and fulfil your potential once and for all.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.

I qualified as a ‘New Insights Certified Life Coach’ in 2020. New Insights is accredited by the CPD Standards Office and International Coaches Register.

My coaching programmes are very popular. They give you comprehensive, tried, and trusted systems that deliver life-changing results.

Here are your choices:

Confidence & Belief Bootcamp

Beat Career Burnout Programme

Personal Transformation Programme

When you begin a journey, you need a plan. That’s why in your first coaching session, I’ll help you understand exactly where you’re at.

We’ll discuss what you want to get out of the programme, setting your intentions for personal growth.

From then on, we’ll work together over a set period to ensure you hit your greatest goals.

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I met Tom when I was stressed, completely burnt out, low in confidence and self belief. I wasn’t enjoying my work and had lots self limiting beliefs. After 8 months of coaching with Tom, I have landed a great job with great salary, I’m confident, aware of strengths and have a clear vision. I am now full of tools to help me deal with similar situations in the future.

I’m so pleased with the progress I have made in both my personal and work life since enrolling with Tom Paine Life Coaching. Tom has been very patient, highly motivating and inspirational. He has a natural ability to challenge you, giving you great tools to build self- belief, confidence and resilience. Tom has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and work towards my true purpose and goals in life.


Sessions will be conducted via Zoom video conferencing, a free service to use that allows you and Tom to have face to face interaction. Please feel free to download the app – an invite will be sent over before each session with a link for you to enter the online meeting. Sessions will be every 1 – 2 weeks.


What’s on your mind?

The first part of any session is the check in point, clearing the air of any concerns or questions to allow for effective coaching time. You will then move onto discuss your progress towards achieving your goal, celebrating break throughs and milestones, whilst working with Tom to navigate a path through choppy waters that maybe preventing your progress!



The second part of each session will have a separate theme where Tom offers useful insight into self-development techniques, such as understanding core values and how they dictate the lives we lead. After that, the focus will switch towards you, where you will be asked questions to challenge limiting beliefs, increase positive thinking and awareness of what is possible in your life.


Actions to achieve your goal

At the end of each session, you will discuss what you have learned and then create an action list to get you on the right on track to achieve your goal. Also included is homework to complete in between sessions to help embed the concepts discussed.

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