My name is Tom, and I’m a Certified Life Coach.

After spending 10 years working in the recruitment industry, I decided to create a business that could positively impact the lives of working professionals. All I could see around me at one point were people who were suffering from stress, feeling burned out, and not knowing where to turn.

I also saw colleagues and friends would be struggling to get to sleep at night because of the anxiety that their job created. They’d even fall out with loved ones because their job was pushing their mental wellbeing to a horrible place.

This, for me, had to change.

I had to do something about it.

I wanted to use the coaching skill that I had perfected in my years of sales team management to help to support people who had hit career crises.

So, I founded Tom Paine Life Coaching because I am driven to help others to achieve their career potential. It hurts me when I see other people struggling to get what they want out of life.

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Tom’s approach to the Bootcamp immediately puts you at ease and helps you find valuable insights and actions from the start. I’d looked into coaching for some time but never taken that final step, but once I did, I wished I’d done it much earlier. If I could offer one piece of advice, it would be to do it now and commit to making that investment in yourself, a boot camp is a great way to do that.

His programme is excellent: he provides lots of structure and there is a focus to each session, yet he also gives time to go off-piste and explore whatever is going on for you during any session. You always leave sessions with clear actions to take and his programme gives you a clear roadmap for change and resources to refer back to.

When I first started the life coaching sessions with Tom, I was feeling lost and unsure where to start to make some positive changes in my life. With Tom’s guidance and support, I set a goal I feel extremely happy about working towards and have discovered an unexpected sense of purpose. Thanks to our regular sessions and Tom sharing his patience and wisdom, I have renewed energy and motivation to pursue a lifelong dream.

When I was thinking about a career change myself, I had no one else to talk to at the time. My wife was preoccupied with our newborn baby and I was scared to tell her of my wish to walk away from a great reputation and client base that I had built in the recruitment sector.

I felt trapped.

I felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders to get this one figured out.

Who could I talk to?

Looking back, hiring a coach who specialised in career change and helping people to find focus for their lives would have been perfect for me. It would have been great to have an open conversation with an independent 3rd party as well, someone who had the expertise and would offer an alternative opinion on the issues I was facing.

I would have got to my answers far quicker. I would have saved years. In summary, I would have hired myself.


You may be reading this thinking: “Yes, that’s me. My life could do with a different pair of eyes over it”. And if this is right, would it be fair to say now is the right time to do something about your career problems?

My coaching practice offers support, guidance, and coaching for business professionals who are feeling lost, with no focus for the future. I help my clients to make sense of their job choices, forming a plan for the future that excites and motivates them.

Hiring me as your Life Coach could be the best decision that you make. I have consistent five-star reviews from my clients who have been able to transform their lives as a direct result of my coaching.

Hit ‘Let’s Talk’ below to start a conversation with me.

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Tom will challenge your thinking in a constructive way. But you are the real instigator of change! Tom will helps you achieve your goals by helping you change your habits by providing insightful information and challenging your perspectives/beliefs.

“Since beginning to work with Tom, I have seen improvements in many areas of my life, including my mental wellbeing, career prospects and personal and professional relationships. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom to anyone who is thinking about making a change in their life.”

“Tom is an excellent listener and his approach guides you through the process of setting and following through on goals that you create together. He offers great insights and points out your blind spots and limiting beliefs. I came away feeling focussed and motivated and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their life but doesn’t know where to start.”