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Nobody should dislike their job.

When you’re unhappy at work, you lose focus on the future and end up feeling resentful.

You spend so much time on your career, trying to impress bosses, achieve promotions, and get recognition from your peers.

And over time, your stress levels go unnoticed. Until one day you crash.

You burnout.

Once this happens, the effect on those around you is huge.

Family and friends miss the ‘old you, the person who was fun to be around. Unhappiness turns into frustration at your boss and an extra glass of wine at night to distract from the pain of career dissatisfaction.

It’s a terrible situation to be in.

The question is, what can you do about it?

First of all, you need expertise to address the burnout problem.


Trying to figure this out on your own can be very bad for your mental and emotional well-being. It’s stressful and very tiring.   

As your Life Coach, I’ll help you to unpick your career problems whilst teaching you the empowering techniques to get your life moving again.

How my ‘Transformation Programmes’ work

My coaching sessions are solutions-focused, meaning the person being coached does most of the talking.

We land on exciting and difference-making actions during sessions. Then it’s over to you to take action in between meetings, this creates the positive results you’re most looking for.

You’ll be asked searching questions

Challenging questions as to why you’ve made decisions in the past.

This isn’t easy, and it’s not always comfortable. However, these open-ended questions will challenge you to think big and open your mind to new possibilities.

You add value to yourself throughout the coaching process

You’re able to gain control of your life, how you think, and how you feel through the techniques learned within the coaching programme.

You’ll get to know yourself at a deeper level, discover what you find important in life, and the unique “thing” you can offer the world. As a result, you’ll add value to yourself and prospective employers.

You’ll gain energy as you move through the programme

A weight will be lifted off your shoulders during and after the coaching sessions.

This is because you’ll be free to discuss things you’ve kept buried for a long time. That release alone is a great source of lifting energy.

So, if your career has hit a standstill and you don’t know where to turn next, I’ll give you the direction you need.

I have a track record of helping others to realise their potential both inside and outside of work.

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This could be the best career decision you ever make.


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Tom’s approach was thoughtful, he listened to me, gave good advice, challenged my thinking, gave me some structure on how to approach new ideas and problems and provided guidance all the way through.

Since working with Tom, I feel my mindset has shifted in a more positive and proactive way. Thanks to Tom, I now have the confidence to follow a new career path with clarity, focus and a new found determination.



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Better life

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Hiring a Life Coach could be the best decision you ever make!